From the records of the prestigious "Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities" at the British Museum, comes long forgotten knowledge of how to make use of dreams, tap the power of lucky and unlucky days, and utilize talismans and charms initially designed in the distant past and still useful and beneficial today. For centuries the actual magical spells and formulas utilized by the wizards of this ancient paradise along the Nile were kept secret for fear that they would fall into the "wrong hands.

Secrets of Egyptian Spellcasting
Secrets of Egyptian Spellcasting
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" With the reprinting of this exceedingly rare book, first published over a century ago, it is now possible to adapt the occult secrets of the early Egyptians to one`s daily life for mental and physical stability as well as for protection, guidance, and material abundance. This is a 234 page, large print trade paperback.