This Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven Reversible Herbal Spell Candle is an excellent candle for reversing bad energies and banishing enemies. Magical spell included.

Reversible Herbal Spell Candle
Reversible Herbal Spell Candle
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Product Description

This reversible herbal spell candle is handmade by Broceliande' with 100% soy wax, fresh herbs and essential oils. Burns up to seventeen hours in a votive holder. Bestseller.


Reversible Wishing Candle
Reversible Wishing Candle
Hand made with soy wax. Large in size. Burn one knob a day for seven days.
Reversible Wishing Candle reversableknob
Reversible Spell Kit
This reversible spell kit comes with a very potent hand rolled and charged bee's wax candle, dragon's blood sage and a black feather. Spell is included.
Reversible Spell Kit reverskit