Welcome and Bright Blessings!

Merry Meet! Gypsy Heaven has been serving the pagan community for over thirty years. Our products are hand made with the finest of essential oils, pure soy and fresh herbs. Gypsy Heaven products are best sellers and we continue take pride in the quality of our products. Gypsy Heaven specializes in Wicca offering ongoing tarot readings and classes.

We also offer private Wicca classes and readings in the Allentown, PA area. You can email or call Gypsy Heaven for more information and bookings.

Gypsy Heaven caters to the wiccan community. We carry the largest selection of wiccan and pagan supplies here in Pennsylvania. Our store front business is now celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Gypsy Heaven 115 South Main Street, New Hope, PA 18938.

We thank our customers for their support and business!


Please Note:

All of our orders are shipped within three to five business days unless otherwise specified. All orders are verified by Gypsy Heaven with email. Please provide a valid email address.

All Orders are subject to back orders. You will only be charged for merchandise shipped. If you would like your back orders shipped upon arrival, you will have to verify this through email with Gypsy Heaven. If you choose to have your back orders shipped, we will ship them for free. All orders are charged the day they are shipped.

No refunds on books, tarot cards and cd's. We issue store credit refunds only unless paid with paypal for all other items.