This Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven Aventurine Crystal Spell Candle is great to burn for money spells. Aventurine is known as the stone of good luck and prosperity. Also used to aid in increasing finances and wealth.

Aventurine Crystal Spell Candle
Aventurine Crystal Spell Candle
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Product Description

This aventurine crystal spell candle is hand-made by Broceliande' with 100% soy and genuine aventurine crystals. This votive will burn in a votive holder up to seventeen hours. Magical spell is included!


This wonderful kit comes with everything you need to cleanse your stone. Velveteen bag, white sage, tumble stone and instructions.
Aventurine aventurinetumkit
Included is Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven's best selling hand-rolled bee's wax candle, Broceliande's hand-blended essential spell oil and her powered incense.
MONEY KIT moneykit