One of the most widely recognized gods revered by the ancient Egyptians, Anubis is most frequently represented as a man with a black, jackal's head. Within Egyptian mythology, he is known often as the Embalmer, who helps prepare the dead for their journey to the underworld. Of old Anubis was also known to be the guardian of the dead, and the one who weighed the heart of against Ma'at to determine the worthiness of the deceased. As such, he had a prominent role throughout Egyptian history, and was worshiped in various forms into the 2nd century, with the eventual incarnation of Hermanubis even appearing in alchemical and hermetical works.

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This statue depicts Anubis in the traditional manner; an upright man with a crook in one hand and the ankh in the other, in the garb of the ancient Egyptians and a golden headdress hanging from his jackal head. Place it upon your altar and celebrate Anubis's stewardship over the dead, or remind yourself that in the end the truth in your heart will be weighed against a feather. This statue is adorable and great for those who travel. Measures 6" high by 3 1/2" wide and made of cold cast resin.


Anubis Necklace
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